Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Death on the Nile


Death on the Nile – Agatha Christie

When I decide to read some Agatha Christie I thought I’d check out one featuring each of her famous detectives – Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot.  

This one more fit my notion of what a mystery was, although it took over half the book to “warm up” before someone was killed.  After the 1st murder there were several more in quick succession. 

I liked how Christie continually recapped the events, clues, etc because I have a hard time keeping track of all the details and who was when, where and whatnot. 

I am definitely enjoying reading mysteries, however I still have a bit of a love/hate relationship with them.  I love the suspense, but I hate it too.   I want to read as fast as I can to figure out what happens, but at the same time I need to slow down and read all the details! 

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