Saturday, November 6, 2010

Tim Gunn, You Rock!


Gunn’s Golden Rules: Life’s Little Lessons for Making it Work by Tim Gunn

I usually try and stay away from books written by celebrities because they are usually very lacking.  Just because someone is a good actor doesn’t mean they can write!

I’d heard via the internet that in the book Tim came out as an asexual.  There was much debate about whether or not he was truly asexual or just celibate.  (The difference being that asexuality is not a choice – it’s a lack of feeling sexual attraction and celibacy is a choice not to engage in sexual activities.  Yes, many (I’d say most)  people  who are asexual are celibate, but it’s still different).  Really it’s not for anyone else to debate, if Tim says he asexual then he is, so I wanted to read the book for myself and see what he actual had to say.   In many ways reading this book was like digging through a box of cereal you aren’t interesting in eating just so you can find the prize!  And like that box of cereal the prize for me came close to the end!

Most of the book was about the fashion industry and Project Runway.  While I enjoy Project Runway, I’m not interested in rehashing events from previous seasons, I can’t even remember which contestants were on when!

What I enjoyed the most is getting to know the real Tim Gunn.  Getting to see how he is human and how the behavior of many bugs him!  I loved hearing about his romantic struggles (I didn’t love that he had so much heartbreak, but I could really relate to much of what he was saying!).  Tim is single and happy about it.  He doesn’t have sexual relations and he’s happy about that too.  It was like a breath of fresh air!  Thank you Tim for sharing your story with us!

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