Sunday, February 28, 2010

Secrets of Eden

Secrets of Eden: A Novel

Secrets of Eden – Chris Bohjalian

I have been looking forward to the book for a long time, but I was very disappointed by it.   It had all the makings of a classic Chris Bohjalian and I was looking forward diving in since I have now read everything he has written! 

The story centers around the murder of Alice Hayward and the apparent suicide of her abusive husband.   One of the main characters in the story is Stephen Drew, Alice’s pastor, and there is more than a little suspicion that he had a hand in the grisly events.   Another main character is Heather Laurant, an acclaimed author who had endured a similar tragedy in her life and had gone on to write novels about the presence of angels in her life.  This character made little sense to me and I felt that she took away from the story.   

The most interesting part of the story was told by the State’s Attorney – she’s the one who first began to suspect that things were not as they appeared and dug deeper.   This section of the book was gristly and graphic and set up a mystery that was not followed through in the other parts of the book.  

I did figure out what had happened about halfway though the book, and then the rest of the book I simply tried to get through as fast as I could so I could see if I was correct. 

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