Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Knit Two


Knit Two – Kate Jacobs

I really enjoyed The Friday Night Knitting Club and was excited to see that there was a sequel!  I’m happy to report that the sequel did not disapoint!

This story began 5 years after Friday Night Knitting Club ended and was the perfect conclusion to the story.   At the end of the 1st book there were several loose ends, but this one tied them up perfectly, the events of the 1st book now made perfect sense.  It all had to happen that way! 

This book reminded me a lot of Adriana Trigiani because the whole gang travels to Italy, and that’s where they make discoveries about themselves, which is exactly what happens in many of Adriana' Trigiani’s books!

This book was the perfect ending to the story, I don’t think there is a 3rd one in the works and part of me hopes that there isn’t a 3rd, it feels like the story is told.

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