Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Making Mountains Out of Molehills


Miss Julia Renews Her Vows – Ann B. Ross

I can’t remember when or how I found Miss Julia, but I used to love her.  She was a spunky old lady who took off after bad guys and always had an adventure!   She did have some “old fashioned” values and ideas, but it worked. 

Lately though the books have been too steeped in “old fashioned” ideas.  It seems that Miss Julia spends the whole book being worried about things that don’t matter. 

In the book before this Hazel Marie, the ex-mistress of Miss Julia’s late husband, was pregnant.  This was a HUGE problem because Hazel Marie was not married to the baby’s father.  This is something that might have been a big deal years ago, but it isn’t a big deal nowadays.   This book continued the angst over Hazel Marie’s pregnancy and pulled in Etta Mae, a minor character in other books into a more major role. 

Overall, the mystery and action of this book was not compelling, but it was a good quick read.  I’m a bit disappointed though that Hazel Marie is STILL pregnant and I’ll have to wait to the next book for the birth.  This might possibly be the longest pregnancy in literary history!

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