Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Must be late August!


Parents & Teachers Working Together – Carol Davis & Alice Yang

Every summer we have assigned professional reading for school.  Every summer I put it off until it’s almost time to go back!  Lucky for me I picked an easy read and was able to polish this book off in no time!

This is one of many Responsive Classroom books and I have read almost all of them!  I love these books because they are practical and have ideas that are new and usable!

Most of the time when I read RC books I wish I could implement everything in the book, immediately if not sooner.  This book was a little different – there were lots of great ideas of how to better include parents and foster more of a partnership but the thought of implementing every idea was enormously overwhelming!  This is one of those books where I’ll take 2 or 3 things from it and then revisit (I hope) regularly and get more ideas!


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