Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2010 Reading Wrap Up

I embarked upon 5 reading challenges for 2010.  I completed 3 of them, but I also learned a lot about my reading habits!  1st of all, I don’t think I’m a “100 Books in a year” gal.   I LOVE reading, however I don’t like reading with such a lofty goal hovering over my head!  I found myself reading mainly books that I could finish quickly so I could get in more books.  This frustrated me because there were a lot of longer/harder to get through books that I know I would have enjoyed, but I didn’t feel like I could take the time to read!

The other challenges were fun at 1st, but by the end it was a drag.  Reading books just to satisfy an arbitrary challenge got tiresome.  I found the challenges becoming more important than the reading.  I didn’t read books that were on my TBR shelf because I had to read library books to satisfy the challenge. 

For 2011 I plan on reading what I want when I want (with the exception of book club books – but even those I won’t finish if I hate it!) and I probably won’t be blogging here much either.  If I feel the need to comment on a book I’ll just add it to my Goodreads! http://www.goodreads.com/user/show/764452-melissa 

Here’s the lowdown on all the challenges I undertook this year and how I did (click on the picture to see the books I read for that challenge)

WhatsInName3  FINISHED!

twentyten_sml  FINISHED!

library-rc  FINISHED!

100_Reading_Challenge  86/100

BBClg  1/6

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