Tuesday, January 5, 2010

And for my 2nd book…. (SPOILER ALERT)

Angels, by Marian Keyes. 
A few years back I was in a book club and someone picked Marian Keyes’ Anybody Out There as their pick for “authors that you trust”.  I’d never heard of her, but after reading Anybody Out There, I was sold!
Marian Keyes is Irish and most of her writing is filled with funny Irish sayings and wit, several times while reading other books I have laughed out loud!  The other thing I really liked about Marian Keyes is that her books seem to focus on single-30-something women!   Both Anybody Out There and Angels feature the Walsh family – 5 sisters and their parents – Keyes has written several books about the family, each telling the story of a different sister.   She has also written a bunch of stand alone books. 
Angels was a quick easy read and it was entertaining but I’m glad it wasn’t the first Marian Keyes book I’d picked up.  It was very similar to the 3 other books I’d read by her and it was lacking in the humor of the other three.  The book tells the story or Margret, Maggie, age 33 who’s marriage had fallen apart.  She flees to Los Angeles where she has a good friend and lives the live of a movie star for a month before realizing where she is supposed to be.  
Most of Marian Keyes books end with the main character deciding that they like being single, that was not the case with this book and I was disappointed when the book ended with Maggie getting back together with her husband. 
Happily this books fits into 2 challenges:
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