Sunday, April 18, 2010

Shanghai Girls


Shanghai Girls – Lisa See

I LOVED Snow Flower and the Secret Fan!  It was all about deep friendship between women, Chinese tradition, and challenging those traditions.   When I saw that Lisa See had a new book out I knew I had to check it out!

This was a wonderful departure from some the trashy chick-lit I have been reading lately!  The book takes place in pre-WWII China and traces the lives of 2 sisters as they get thrown into marriage, flee China, discover secrets about their husbands and the family that they had married into.  The two sisters made a life for themselves in America at a time when Chinese were not welcome. 

This book also marks the completetion of my 1st challenge for 2010, What’s in a Name 3!  YEAH! :-)   Not sure how many people entered the challenge, but I’m the 6th person to finish!

100_Reading_Challenge library-rc WhatsInName3

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