Sunday, April 18, 2010

Somewhere Off The Coast of Maine


Somewhere off the Coast of Maine – Ann Hood

I discovered this book last summer when I was getting ready to head to Maine for my RV Vacation.  When I travel someplace I like to find books about that place to read during and after the trip.   This book looked interesting so I attempted to find it.  My library didn’t have it.  Barnes and Noble didn’t have it.  I gave up looking for it until a few weeks ago I was looking for books for my Kindle App on Amazon and I was going through my “not in the library” shelf.   I checked and sure enough the book was available in Kindle format!  

This one ended up being a great book for the Kindle!  It was a simple story, told in the voices of multiple characters.  The story bounced back and forth in time from the 60s-80s, tracing the lives of three college friends as they started families and followed their dreams.   Two of the characters, Claudia and Elizabeth, were hippies and the third, Suzanne, went through a “hippie phase” when she was in college, the consequences of which followed her the rest of  her life.    The ending was a bit abrupt, but a great read!   In many ways the writing style reminded me of Alice Hoffman, one of my favorite authors. 

I can’t wait to read some of the other books Ann has written!



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