Monday, April 19, 2010

Shut Up and Fish!


North by Northwestern – Captain Sig Hansen

As you all know from my review of Time Bandit, I’m a big Deadliest Catch fan!  As much as I enjoyed reading the book by the Hillstrand Brothers, I was wishing the whole time that my favorite Capitan from the show, Sig Hansen, had written a book.  Then, a few weeks ago, I discovered that Sig had written a book!  I managed to reserve it at the library before it was published and I’m pretty sure I was the 1st to read my copy! 

When I was in Alaska in 2007 we went on a boat ride in Kenai Fjords NP and the captain of our boat used to be a crab fisherman.  He and I were chatting about the show and he told me how The Hansen family are the best fishermen on the Bering Sea.  I was so awed by the fact that Sig and his brothers were real people! :-)  This book excited me about that much!

I enjoyed this book so much!  I loved hearing the stories of Sig’s father and the early days of crab fishing.  Unlike the Hillstrand brother’s book this book was actually about crab fishing.  I now know way more about crab fishing then I ever wanted to know! The adventure and drama was top notch, you can’t make this stuff up! :-)

I always knew there was something about Sig that made me like him.  Like the other crab fishermen, he’s tough and has high expectations, but as I got to know him through the book I was able to see more clearly that he really is a genuinely “good” guy!

The other really exciting thing I discovered while reading the book is that The Northwestern’s home port is in Seattle.  Well, I’m going to be in Seattle in July.  Hmmmm…maybe they won’t be crab fishing in July????  Hmmmmm…maybe I can catch a glimpse of the boat???  I have googled around a bit to try and figure out where I might go to see the boat and I can’t really figure it out.  I certainly don’t want to intrude, I’d LOVE to view the boat from afar, we’ll see, maybe I’ll get lucky!

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