Monday, June 14, 2010

Back to Maine


A Year in the Maine Woods – Bernd Heinrich

This is another book I found in my quest to find books about Maine before my trip last summer.  Unfortunately, this book wasn’t in the library so I ended up buying the Kindle version and reading it on my phone.   This wasn’t the best book for the Kindle App because it wasn’t as compelling and hard to read in small spurts. 

Bernd is a naturalist and university professor and he decides to take a year and spend it living in his cabin deep in the north woods of Maine!  From his description and the names of the towns I think his cabin was fairly close to Andover and the South Arm Campground I fell in love with last summer!

It was fun reading about his adventures and the fine detail with which he studied miniscule things like beetles and ravens!  He approached every living thing with curiosity and zeal to understand!

This was a fun read and reminded me a lot of Thoreau’s The Maine Woods.

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