Sunday, June 20, 2010

Crochet Mysteries


Hooked on Murder – Betty Hechtman

When I was at the library a few weeks ago I found a new mystery series! These are all about a group of women who have a crochet club that meets in a bookstore outside of LA.

I was intriqued because so many stories are set around women who knit and it was exciting to find one about crochet!

Since the books didn’t have numbers on them or anything I randomly selected one to check out.  When I got home I went to enter it into Goodreads and discovered that I’d picked the 4th, and currently last, one.   Not wanting to start at the end, I reserved the 1st one at the library!

This is the 1st of the series and it introduces the characters and the setting. 

The story felt more “chick-lit” with a side dish of murder.  The mystery and the detective work didn’t seem central to the story.  I did enjoy getting to know the characters and the story though.  I’m looking forward to reading the others!

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