Thursday, September 23, 2010

August Re-Cap

My poor neglected book blog.  :-(  It’s September 23 and I’m finally posting my August re-cap.  The end of August/Beginning of September marks the beginning of the school year so that’s mostly what impeded me from posting!

I did much better in August than I did in July, which wouldn’t have been hard considering I only read 1 book in July!

1. The Painter from Shangai – Jennifer Cody Epstein  
2.  Dead Men Don’t Crochet – Betty Hechtman 
3.  Tall Pine Polka – Lorna Landvik 
4.  A Stitch in Crime – Betty Hechtman
5.  Patty Jane’s House of Curl – Lorna Landvik
6. Parents & Teachers Working Together – Carol David & Alice Yang
7.  Moloka’i – Alan Brennert

Just this evening (9/24) I was cross checking my GoodReads “Read in 2010” list with my “100 Books in 2010” list and discovered that there was one missing!  I figured out which one it was and fixed the problem…here is the missing book…#8 for August:

8. Fire & Ice – Dana Stabenow

So 8 for August – grand total for the year at the end of August was 58 – an impressive number of books, but I have to read 14.5 books each month for the rest of year in order to break 100 for the year.  Yeah.  Not going to happen. 

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