Tuesday, July 6, 2010

June Review

My reading really slowed down in June. I seem to have lost my steam and no longer have any interest in reading at the pace required to stay on track to make 100 books for the year.  I’d hoped to make 50 by the end of June then I’d allow myself to slow down.   I missed the 50 mark by 1 book, but I finished that book July 1st or 2nd (I can’t remember!) so I didn’t miss the mark by much!  I’m still going to allow myself to slow down and really enjoy the books I’m reading!  I’m finding that with trying to finish so many I’m choosing books by their length/ease of finishing and not reading some books that I might really enjoy for fear that they will take too long!

1. Valley of the Dolls – Jacqueline Susann
2.  A Year in the Maine Woods – Bernd Heinrich
3.  Solving Thorny Behavior Problems – Caltha Crowe
4.  Termination Dust – Sue Henry
5.  Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy – Douglas Adams 
6.   Hooked on Murder – Betty Hechtman
7. Death Takes Passage – Sue Henry

Edited 9/24 to add:

8.  Sizzling Sixteen – Janet Evanovich

Since we are now at the 6 month mark, it’s time to review all the challenges and where I am:

WhatsInName3  - COMPLETED in April

twentyten_sml  COMPLETED in June

library-rc  Read 30 out of 50!  More than halfway!

100_Reading_Challenge   49 out of 100

BBClg 1 out of 6

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Elettra said...

Whoa!! That is amazing!! I thought I was fancy for finishing up a book and reading one book in a day this week, for a grand total of 2 in one week!! hehe :) Good luck reaching 100!! You can do it!